Are you sure you’re ready for your residential or commercial real estate transaction?

Are you somewhere in the process of buying or selling a property?

Maybe you’re just starting or further along and looking for someone to help you negotiate the sale and manage the closing?

We represent people from every corner of the greater Chicagoland area in the sale and purchase of real estate.

We’ve transacted countless sales of single family homes, condos, townhouses, for-sale-by-owners, multi-unit buildings, store-fronts, investment property, foreclosures, short-sales, land, and even parking spaces.

Big or small, residential or commercial, you name it we’ve done it.

Along the way we’ve formed some connections with other experienced real estate professionals, including real estate brokers, mortgage professionals, home inspectors and even tax specialists who can help you with the other important parts of you transaction, so if you need additional help, just ask!

But before you buy or sell, here’s what you absolutely must know.

Successful real estate transactions require a licensed advocate with both real estate and legal experience, working to protect your interests, mitigate risk, and most importantly, make sure you do not leave any value or money on the table.

That’s where we come in.

In order for you to feel confident that you are not only making the right deal, but also protecting your rights during and following the transaction, it’s absolutely critical you choose an advocate working on your behalf, one who is experienced in real estate negotiation and protecting you from the many potential legal pitfalls you could encounter along the way.

We can help you with that by acting on your behalf as your negotiator, working to maximize your sales profit, reducing the final price or protect you from further loss during a foreclosure or short sale.

Simply put, we want to help you get what you expect from the deal.

Are you a seller?

You could receive an offer on your property at any time and you must be ready to act.


Because from the date you accept and sign an offer you receive from a potential buyer, that offer from that point forward is contract. That’s when the clock starts ticking so it’s critical that you meet the contingency deadlines like the attorney review, home inspection periods etc.

It is very common for sellers to receive a letter from the buyer’s attorney asking for modifications to the contract as it reads or for repairs or repair credits due to the findings from the home inspection.

When you work with us, we will review your contract and make sure the terms are in your best interest. We may suggest legal modifications, answer your questions and address concerns you may have. We will absolutely help you with any further negotiations that may come up during attorney review.

We will take care of the details pertaining to your title insurance, payoff letter(s), and any additional documents necessary to clear routine matters, finalize the process, and transfer the property to your buyer.

We will coordinate, schedule and attend your closing, and in the event you cannot attend the closing, we will meet with you prior to the closing so you can sign the necessary documents in advance.

Doesn’t that sound easy?

Are you a buyer?

Are you thinking about buying a home or other property?  A real estate transaction is like a puzzle, consisting of several pieces that fit together to make the whole transaction.  The better each individual piece of the whole, the more appealing the outcome of the transaction will be.  For the average home purchase, most people will hire a real estate agent, an attorney, a home inspector, and a lender.

Should you choose us to represent you for your real estate purchase, we will work closely with your agent as needed prior to submission or your offer.

Once your offer has been accepted, we will assist you with the attorney review period of the contract, as well as the home inspection period, to ensure that your best interests are covered.

Every transaction requires different procedures and documents to facilitate the type of property you are buying.  For example, in the case of a condominium purchase, you will need to review the declaration and bylaws, budget, meeting minutes, and condo disclosure statement.

Regardless of the type of purchase you want to make, hiring one or more inspectors may be necessary to help you determine if you are getting what the seller has described and so you won’t be surprised by hidden defects after the closing. In the event you find things during the inspection that may warrant renegotiating the price or prevent you from moving forward, we will help you.

We can also work with your lender to get them what they need so they can approve you for the financing and get you “clear to close” for the closing.

Most importantly, we’ll make sure all the documents are correct, attend your closing, explain the documents and review them with you as we make sure everything is signed and filed correctly.

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